Explained: How private is WhatsApp, what can Facebook see, and should you look at alternatives?

In a clarification on its privacy policy update, WhatsApp has made a distinction between private and business messages. What does the update change for you, and does it call for switching to another app?

Amid continuing concerns over its new privacy policy released a few days ago, WhatsApp on Tuesday had to clarify yet again that the policy changes nothing for those messaging friends and family. It also clarified that in some conditions, business messages — “different than messaging with your family or friends” — can be read by Facebook and could be used for marketing purposes.

The latest clarification brings in what seems like the differentiation between “messages with friends or family” and “messages with a business”. It says the new privacy policy pertains to the latter alone and the former remains unchanged.

Source@ https://indianexpress.com/article/explained/how-private-is-whatsapp-7143928/

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