Pro-Trump Mob attacks US Capitol

Pro-Trump mob rioted in US Capitol creating chaos on January 6th to stall the certification of President-elect Joe Biden by the Congress. The elected representatives were forced to scramble to crouch under desks and police made futile efforts to barricade the building. After four people died on the Capitol grounds in Washington, the Mayor announced the evening curfew to contain the violence.

“We will not let them silence your voices,” Trump addressed the protesters, who had lined up since dawn to get a prime position to hear the President.

The riots were egged by the false and baseless claims made by Trump over the integrity of elections. Trump urged his supporters to descend to the Capitol on Wednesday to express their disagreement over the formal approval by Congress over Joe Biden’s victory.

The skirmishes were observed outside the spot where the Biden will be inaugurated in two weeks. Protestors tried to push past the officers in riot gear (officers with shields) and tore down the metal barricades. Also, a suspicious package was reported in the vicinity, said the Capitol Police. The officers could be seen spraying pepper spray on protestors who were marching towards the building enchanting “traitors”, to keep them back.

The rioters storming the Congress are a symptom of sick American democracy. Trump had built his constituency with slogans and phrases like “make America great again”, “lock her up”, “drain the swamp”, “stop the steal”, which created partisan constituency within the elected members and streets. It seems American Democracy will require a little more to heal itself than just replacing Trump with Democrat Biden in the White House.

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