Rivals, Canon and Ricoh Team Up To Offer Joint Delivery Service In Japan

Canon, Ricoh along other office equipment companies in Japan are working together to offer joint delivery services owing to the shortage fro truck drivers in the industry.

The pandemic has negatively impacted demand for office supplies since people are working from home. The office suppliers are thus trying to trim the costs and offer joint delivery services which could reduce the number of trucks to one-third that was needed previously. Also, due to the rise in the e-commerce sector, delivery services are in higher demand the usual which has resulted in an acute shortage of truck drivers.

The joint delivery plan will be regionally tested by March by around 15 office suppliers. A separate working group has been established by Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association, to monitor the logistics of this plan.

Major suppliers like Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, and Kyocera Document Solutions, and sales companies of various manufacturers will be looking into cooperating with office suppliers abroad. As per the plan, each of these companies would deliver their products such as multifunctional printers and copiers to a central logistic hub from where the products would be delivered to the clients via trucks from the pool. The installation of machines would be handled separately by each of the companies.

Every year around 500,000 multifunction copiers are sold in Japan, out of which some of the machines can weigh more than 100 kilograms. Huge machines like these require trucks equipped with a lift. In the region where the sales and delivery of multifunctional copiers are very less, many of the clients here have pointed out that the main reason for this is the inefficiency of direct deliveries from suppliers.

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